Natural Lens Replacement

I specialise in natural lens replacement and have been performing natural lens replacement and laser eye procedures for over 12 years. I have performed thousands of procedures. Your initial consultation and all the tests are entirely free of charge.

I believe it is very important that you meet the surgeon prior to the surgery and have all your questions answered. This is why even the consultation with the consultant is provided free of charge, unlike other “high street providers” who charge you extra for seeing the consultant prior to the day of surgery.

I understand having any form of treatment is stressful and choices can become confusing. My team is ready to help and will guide and support you with any decision that you make.

Many people with healthy eyes are not happy with their vision because they need spectacles or contact lenses to see, and for a variety of reasons this may not suit them. Amongst the commonest reasons are the inconvenience of spectacles, the cost of spectacle use, contact lens complications or the aesthetics of spectacles is not for them.

In these circumstances many people will consider treatment to free themselves of the burden of spectacle or contact lens usage. Modern surgery allows the treatment of short sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism (abnormal curvature of the eye) and presbyopia (loss of near reading ability in middle youth).

The treatment recommended to you will depend on the features of your eyes, age, health, visual requirements and your suitability for the treatment. My team will perform a series of extensive tests.

To book an appointment please call 07970 673660 during working hours or alternatively book an appoinment here