Eye lid surgery

Eye lids function to protect the eyes and also keep the surface of the eye moist by blinking.

There are a few conditions which can go wrong with the eye lids. Some of these problems are functional and some are cosmetics. Eye lid surgery (Oculoplastic Surgery) is a specialist branch of plastic surgery and requires special training. I set up the Oculoplastic services in NHS Lanarkshire in Scotland over 10 years ago and have been running it since then. I perform complex eyelid surgery in my NHS practice regularly.

Following is a list of conditions which I regularly treat:

Lumps and bumps of the eyelids and skin around the eyes. If you are fed up with minor lumps around your eye, you could come and see us. Examples of such lumps are Styes and Chalazions. These are very common. We can sort these out for you usually in one visit.

Blepharoplasty and Ptosis surgery. A blepharoplasty is an operation to tighten the skin and soft tissues of the eyelids. As you get older, gravity pulls down on the skins and soft tissues of your eyelids, causing them to sag. The fat that was supported by these tissues also drops down, making one looks older. Usually a fold of skin appears above the eyelids which over time it hangs down enough to interfere with your peripheral vision. Blepharoplasty can be an effective treatment to improve both of these elements. We usually perform the surgery under local anaesthesia. However, you could choose to have general anaesthesia for it as well.

Entropion is when the eye lashes turn in and rub against the surface of the eye. It is uncomfortable and can also cause ulceration of the eye surface. Surgery is usually done with local anaesthetic and is very successful.

Ectropion is when the eye lid becomes too lax and turns out the way. This causes irritation and watery eye. The surgery is successful and is done with local anaesthetic injection.

Watery eyes can be caused by many conditions such as blocked tear duct. We can check to see why you have developed watery eye and try to rectify it.

Cancers of the eyelids/skin around the eye are uncommon but can be treated very effectively if caught early.

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